Kushinagar International Airport – Remarkable Value addition to promote Buddhist Tourism and Indian Aviation

Travel Agents Association of India wishes to extend its profound and sincere gratitude to the Government of India, Uttar Pradesh Government and Airports Authority of India for this remarkable achievement.

India had a huge opportunity and as our infrastructure connectivity progresses there will be no looking back on the growth and economy of the country. As per data, Airports Authority of India manages 137 airports, which clearly reflects the growth opportunities and business potential we have in India for both domestic and international traffic. With the launch of the Kushinagar Airport, UP has added 3rd International Airport to its now existing capacity of total 18 Airports (Domestic and International) which is indeed a great and commendable achievement and progress towards development of Air Infrastructure in the State.

Jyoti Mayal, President, TAAI while congratulating and thanking the Hon’ble Prime Minister for emphasising the importance and vision to further develop Buddhist Tourism in India said that South-East and East Asia has scores of followers of Buddhism. And, providing them with an opportunity to travel hassle-free to Buddhist sites like Kushinagar will certainly further boost their confidence and rejuvenate the trust in the Indian government for delivering and keeping their promises of promoting tourism.

Ministry of Civil Aviation has played a crucial role in connecting Buddhist sites and significantly reducing the Travel time for followers, said Jay Bhatia, Vice President, while extending his congratulations to the Ministry and the Government.

Bettaiah Lokesh, Honourary Secretary General, welcomed the move made and specifically mentioned the role of the Uttar Pradesh Government in providing land and funds to support such a remarkable achievement.

Adding to the role and contribution of the Airports Authority of India and Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Shreeram Patel, Honourary Treasurer applauded the efforts made by the teams, in conjunction with both the Central and State Government.

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