The recurring theme in all business events, news channels & Govt. initiatives is that ‘SMEs are the backbone of the Indian economy with a share of 29% in the GDP and providing employment to nearly 60 million people’. Yet the sector grapples with lack of adequate and timely access to finance, innovative technologies suitable for local deployment,fragmented supply chain and negligible marketing support to position their brands at par with the big players of the industry.

SMEs are mostly family run businesses, with many at the cusp of leadership change. The younger generation is aspirational and ambitious but fares low on the market knowledge essential to scale a business. They need industry experts that can bridge this gap and help their businesses to thrive in this competitive environment. Growth can be sought in many ways (organically or inorganically) however, a business leader needs to be cognizant of the vision & mission of his/her business and then adopt steps which could help him/her achieve those ideals.

This is where a Management Consultant can guide the company, work with the business to execute and implement their strategic plans effectively. The consultant with his team of experts with varied skill sets ranging from Lean Six Sigma to Corporate restructuring can help diagnose and solve the problems and issues plaguing the day to day operations of the entity.

Aviral Business Solutions is a niche consulting firm based out of Mumbai that provides consulting and advisory services to help businesses augment their profitability and successfully achieve their goals. We not only provide tailor made solutions but also work with the business to integrate processes and implement the plans effectively.

We provide advisory and consultancy services to SMEs and MSMEs engaged in manufacturing, allied industries and start-up companies. Our expertise lie in drivinggrowth, knowledge improvement, transformation & transition of SMEs, business and finance management systems, sales & marketing campaigns, competitive benchmarking, business process ecosystem development,  capabilities and capacities enhancement, productivity and quality improvement, awareness about various facilities & incentives, formalities and procedures of international trade, compliances, advantages and impact of GST, capital market access, office automation, industry automation, partnerships & ventures and strengthen them to survive in the competitive era of Make – in – India.

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