Taj Mahal, New Delhi presents Cooking-Up-A-Tale at Machan

  • A bespoke culinary experience for guests at the reimagined Machan
  • Celebrating the second edition of Machan’s Cooking-Up-A-Tale with Mr. Pavan K Varma & Chef ArunSundararaj


Taj Mahal, New Delhi, a celebrated landmark destination in the national capital presented the second edition of Cooking-Up-A-Tale, a unique and curated culinary series that the city’s fabled melting point, Machan had successfully introduced earlier this year. The launch of Cooking-Up-A-Tale witnessed a culinary collaboration of Ambreen Khan and Chef ArunSundararaj with eminent guests who participated eagerly in the culinary sojourn.  For the second edition, Mr. Pavan K. Varma – Author, Diplomat & Former MP was the co-host and shared his culinary secrets, global and literary perspectives at what truly was a memorable luncheon afternoon at Machan. Now, Machan is pleased to announce Cooking-Up-A-Tale as a private gastronomic experience that guests can reserve for their immersive culinary demonstration in the kitchen followed by highly personalised dining at Chef’s special table.

Machan, the much-loved international dining destination, has been a defining part of the city’s culinary landscape and has woven itself into the fabric of daily life in Delhi.  The re-imagined Machan celebrates the culmination of the old and the new and presents a gastronomical confluence of signature favourites and novel offerings. Machan’s culinary concept is based on the central theme of high quality of ingredients and the flavours and colours of the Jungle. Amidst a spectacular ambience and warm service, the restaurant promises to delight the gourmands of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Complementing stories of the bygone, the present and the future that Machan houses, the second edition of Cooking-Up-A-Tale was a memorable culinary collaboration of gourmet expertise and literary experiences with celebrated Author, Diplomat and Former MP Mr. Pavan K. Varma, where he shared share his global and literary worldview while spinning some magical flavours with his recipe DahiPaanKe Kebab. This was followed by a grand and extensive luncheon at Machan curated by ArunSundararaj – Executive Chef at Taj Mahal, New Delhi.

Eminent guests such as Renuka Varma, Ambika Shukla, NalinKohli, ShomaChaudhury, Shweta Rajpal, ReshmiDasgupta, Batasha&Siddharth Mathur, Dr. AmbrishSatwik, ParmeshShahani, VK Karthika, Ambreen Khan amidst others, experienced the cooking rendezvous as Executive Chef, ArunSundararaj demonstrated handpicked recipes from Machan with his co-host, Mr. Pavan K. Varma who brought his signature dish to the table.

Going forward, Machan will present Cooking-Up-A-Tale as a novel gastronomic offering to guests who would like to reserve their bespoke experience with an intimate group of family, friends, corporate guests or a select group of passionate gourmands. This immersive and engaging culinary sojourn will feature culinary tales, fascinating conversations, hand-crafted beverages and exquisite cuisine. Guests can select their Cooking-Up-A-Tale experience over lunch or dinner, as per their preference and with a prior reservation. The culinary experience will be curated by ArunSundararaj, Executive Chef – Taj Mahal, New Delhi and thoughtfully delivered with our warm hospitality along with Tajness – A Commitment Restrengthened, our augmented safety and hygiene protocols.

ArunSundararaj, Executive Chef – Taj Mahal, New Delhi, says, “Machan is a special destination – it embraces notes of nostalgia and unpretentiousness with its relaxed environment, a uniquely inspired menu combined with comfort food and service that is sincere and warm. With Cooking-Up-A-Tale being introduced for guests as an immersive culinary journey, both in the kitchens of Machan and at the reimagined avatar of the restaurant, we look forward to welcoming patrons to a curated dining experience and to them making more wonderful memories at the legendary Machan.”

About Taj Mahal, New Delhi:

Taj Mahal, New Delhi, one of the most distinguished addresses in the national capital, is a tribute to timeless hospitality and legendary service. Central to the Hotel’s prominence is its grandeur, grace, and charm, blended effortlessly with contemporary comforts and amenities. The hotel complements the broad boulevards and leafy splendour of Delhi’s chief architect, Edwin Lutyens. With its proximity to the seat of government, cultural centers and iconic heritage wonders, Taj Mahal, New Delhi is one of the most preferred locations among patrons.

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