Will make India a world leader in global science in 5 years: URO announces from the Red Fort


# Universe Lord of Scientists Shri Sundar Singh Rathi says, it will be a global scientific miracle to find a solution to global warming, polluted environment, flooding and water scarcity in the next five years

# Universe Reform Organisation ( URO ) Founder Chairman Shri Shyam Sunder Rahti says he will give mankind the natural birthright of clean air, clean water, nutritious food and pollution free environment

November 25, 2020: The Universe Reform Organization (URO) on Wednesday announced that the country will become a world leader in science in the next five years. The announcement was made from the August 15 Park of the Red Fort. Universe Lord of Scientists Shri Sundar Singh Rathi has set this mission.

Rathi said, “Under this mission, in the next five years, it will be a global scientific miracle to find a solution to global warming, polluted environment, flooding and water scarcity.”

The occasion began with the hoisting of the national flag. It must be noted that the Universe Reform Organization (URO) is a collective of intellectuals, which is taking this initiative in collaboration with Jagriti Seva Samiti, World Environmental Science Foundation and Buddhist Human Rights Advocates Organization. The organization works towards and advocates the basic birthrights of all humans, such as pure drinking water, poison-free fresh air for breathing, plenty of nutritious food and a perfect environment for life.

Universe Lord of Scientists co-founder and chairman Sundar Singh Rathi said, “Pollution-free fresh air, pure drinking water, rich nutritious food are obtained from natural elements for the human to breathe. For the last few years, this natural system has become corrupt due to our ignorance and mistakes.”
He said that the organization, with the help of science, has taken the initiative to make this system healthy and functional again. All scientists must co-operate in this mission. Global warming, pollution, storage, water problems and food problems are raising problems due to excessive natural exploitation.

The URO co-founder and chairman added, “Science will improve the lifestyle of every human being. Burning agricultural stubble via scientific method can get rid of pollution. By storing natural water in large tanks during the monsoon season, we can rid mankind of water crises. By not over exploiting ground water, we can give new life to trees and plants. By promoting the production of hydroelectric power at a very low cost, we can relieve people from the smoke emanating from industries and chimneys.”

Rathi said, “The mission of the Uniform Reform Organization (URO) is to liberate the entire human race from basic problems such as global warming, pollution, water scarcity and starvation with the help of science. URO was established to fulfill this objective. Freedom from global warming can come with providing a pollution-free environment to the people. Farmers could be provided with high-quality fertilizers with 100% irrigation facilities. Demand for power and energy can be met by adopting a pollution-free power generation system.”
Senior Journalist and Member of PCI Mr. Shrikant Bhatia lauded the effort of URO and said, “The basic doctrinal ideology of URO is to reunite the human society with their birthrights. These rights were given to us by nature to maintain the existence of mankind on the beautiful planet Earth, but with our mistakes, the face of nature has deteriorated, which threatens the existence of mankind. Let us all come together for the welfare of mankind with science.”
Senior journalist and member, Press Club of India, Shailesh Tiwari said, “The need of the hour is clean air and clean water and amidst this panidemic, scientist Shyam Sundar Rathi Ji’s message from the historic ground of Red Fort is definitely a favor to humanity.”

Other dignitaries also expressed their views on the occasion. The Honorable scientist also answered questions based on hydro-science. With a wish of the welfare of mankind by URO, it was announced that in the next five years, India will be made a world leader in science.